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This is 'public' for reasons named.

have you forgotten how to love yourself?

i feel like livejournal doesn't provide the comfort for me that it used to.
i haven't actually written anything i've been feeling in a long time.
so many conversations go on about livejournal, and it subconciously confuses me because i used to get ridiculed for writing in one.
it feels so naive to have to make a journal private or friends only because of the immature folks who may read something they can't handle, or to have to make friend cuts because you'd prefer some of the people on your "friends" list to not read what you have to say. it is a 'live'journal, after all, isn't it?
despite something i said tonight, i do believe that sometimes, writing in this infamous livejournal can make one feel less saddened. though, unfortunately, i haven't let this be a source to pool my thoughts into recently.
this is relevant:
Prettynpink347 (10:46:04 PM): anyone read this conversation and see we are NERDS
x awkwardsaw x (10:46:13 PM): hahah
x awkwardsaw x (10:46:23 PM): i sometimes want to post what we say, though i hate posting conversations..
x awkwardsaw x (10:46:29 PM): its just things i want people to know
x awkwardsaw x (10:46:55 PM): like "i hate being intellectual" "writing is beautiful because it can't be heard, only read"
Prettynpink347 (10:47:15 PM): i am writing that in my lj
i believe that all of my close friends are, in fact, nerds, and i also know that i have the most awesome friends. i think we choose to be nerds, because we dislike so many people and it's far too difficult to pretend to get along with them. i have 3 friends in high school. thank god there are only a few weeks left.
goodbye, livejournal.
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i understand what you mean entirely.
i made my journal " friends only " because anonymous people were posting comments regarding my life and how to run it, and i didnt value their opinions, or wanted to hear what they had to say, in all honesty. a journal is for no one but yourself, to get feelings and frustration out, and to help yourself think more clearly. for me, at least, thoughts come out easier when im not pressured to think of something to say, and i just start typing and see what ends up on the page. it's a place for you to confide in, and its your choice wether to give people the privlidge of reading your inner thoughts.
just like when that creepy guy copied and pasted my entry into is, because it seemed more interesting then what he had to say. haha wtf. get your own life, buddy.
i dunno. livejournal is my friend<3.
and he ( shh yes hes a boy.). he introduced me to you<3 so for that i am very greatful.
i love you.
stay jewish ♥
hahaha. i love you, jamie. <333
and yesterday Amy and I were just talking about how when we write, we never know where our words are going to take us. it's so much easier to write when it's not demanded. and so much more relaxing. i love to write when i have something to say, even when i am not necessarily sure what that something is.
♥jews4E hehehe
hey, this is katie bird.
i have no idea if you even know who i am.
(i went out with chris branshaw)
but yeah, i can relate with the last part of your post.
sometimes i think i'm such a loser because i don't know every third person at school, like some of my friends do.
then i look around and realize it's because i can't stand most of them.
i have no reason to want to know them.
and i'm pretty lucky to have my close friends, because they're awesome.
and i think i'd rather be a loser with them
than know a bunch of people i really don't like
just for the sake of knowing people.

anyway, you probably don't care, but yeah. just thought i'd add that in there. so you're not the only one.

only 9 more days of high school. ever.
there's soemthing to look forward to.
hi! i know who you are. you have really cute hair! <3 hah, i'm a nerd, but i guess i already went over that in this post, didn't i?
i'm glad i'm not the only one who hates most of the people at wellington.
thanks for commenting. C:

9 more days, 500 more tests. ughhhh.

haha my hair is cute? that's a new one. i hate it now. it's in the growing out phase where it's required to be hideous. heh thanks though!
anyway, yeah, add me?
of course. C:
i totally understand the growing out phase. mine is in that stage too. (though i never let it get long; i usually end up chopping it off before i can put it in a ponytail.)
haha im notorious for doing that.
i will forever be in the "growing out" phase. :(
hey, its melissa moody.we hung out once with lou a long time ago and we have some same lj friends so im just saying hi

hey. you're added, so add me back. <3