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This is 'public' for reasons named.

have you forgotten how to love yourself?

i feel like livejournal doesn't provide the comfort for me that it used to.
i haven't actually written anything i've been feeling in a long time.
so many conversations go on about livejournal, and it subconciously confuses me because i used to get ridiculed for writing in one.
it feels so naive to have to make a journal private or friends only because of the immature folks who may read something they can't handle, or to have to make friend cuts because you'd prefer some of the people on your "friends" list to not read what you have to say. it is a 'live'journal, after all, isn't it?
despite something i said tonight, i do believe that sometimes, writing in this infamous livejournal can make one feel less saddened. though, unfortunately, i haven't let this be a source to pool my thoughts into recently.
this is relevant:
Prettynpink347 (10:46:04 PM): anyone read this conversation and see we are NERDS
x awkwardsaw x (10:46:13 PM): hahah
x awkwardsaw x (10:46:23 PM): i sometimes want to post what we say, though i hate posting conversations..
x awkwardsaw x (10:46:29 PM): its just things i want people to know
x awkwardsaw x (10:46:55 PM): like "i hate being intellectual" "writing is beautiful because it can't be heard, only read"
Prettynpink347 (10:47:15 PM): i am writing that in my lj
i believe that all of my close friends are, in fact, nerds, and i also know that i have the most awesome friends. i think we choose to be nerds, because we dislike so many people and it's far too difficult to pretend to get along with them. i have 3 friends in high school. thank god there are only a few weeks left.
goodbye, livejournal.
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